Rhinoplasty Combined with Chin Implant

Almost a third of rhinoplasty patients have large noses and small chins. Sometimes it is necessary to add a chin implant to achieve harmony between these and other facial features.

A chin implant may be made of silicone, Gortex, a material called Medpor, or may be made of fat and bone taken from your own body. Chin implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes; your facial plastic surgeon will discuss the options with you.

Adding a chin implant can improve the appearance of a receding or “weak” chin. Aesthetically speaking, a chin implant can have a particularly noticeable effect from the profile view; liposuction under the chin can sometimes enhance this effect.

For some surgeons, up to 20 percent of their patients ultimately choose to have a chin implant placed at the same time as having their rhinoplasty procedure.

The Role of the Nose and Chin in Facial Symmetry

Each feature or the face works with the other features to achieve a sense of harmony and balance. A chin that lacks prominence can compromise facial symmetry by making a nose look bigger than it really is. Rhinoplasty combined with chin augmentation is often effective in addressing this issue.

When a Chin Implant Should be Considered with Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty cannot improve the appearance of an ill-defined chin. Though reducing the size of the nose can sometimes help make the two features appear more proportional to one another, this is not always the goal of a rhinoplasty procedure; sometimes the nose is just made straighter. This is where a chin implant can be helpful. About 30 percent of rhinoplasty patients can benefit from having a chin implant placed at the same time as their rhinoplasty procedure.

The Procedure

During rhinoplasty with chin implantation, the planes of the face are altered. The nose is reshaped and may be resized or straightened, and a small silicone implant is placed to augment the chin. Though the chin implantation portion of the procedure involves a tiny incision and minimal recovery time, in appropriate candidates it can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the procedure.

It is normal to experience minor bruising and swelling after nose surgery with chin augmentation. Your surgeon will provide you with specific instructions to ease any discomfort. You will likely be advised to limit your diet to soft foods until any discomfort you may be experiencing has subsided. Sutures will be removed about five to seven days after your procedure.

rhinoplasty combined with chin implant female before and after patient photo

Benefits of a Combination Procedure

Facial proportions are what determines how big or small a person’s nose appears. The size of the lips, distance between the eyes and size of the cheekbones can all have a substantial impact on the appearance of the nose. However, the feature that most affects the appearance of the nose is the chin.

A chin that recedes or does not sufficiently protrude may appear bigger and more prominent in relation to other features of the face. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable when viewing the nose from the profile.

The good news is, by undergoing a combination rhinoplasty-chin augmentation procedure, you can overcome these issues. In fact, there are a number of benefits to this combination procedure.

For example, by having a combination procedure you will only need to go under anesthesia once. Similarly, you will only have to go through one recovery period, which means that you only have to take about a week off from work and your everyday activities.

Of course, typically, the benefit patients are most thrilled with is their improved appearance. Though rhinoplasty with chin augmentation alters these features by mere millimeters, it can have a dramatic effect on your facial appearance. If you are displeased with the size or shape of your nose and/or chin, this combination procedure can help you achieve the facial harmony you have been yearning for. Following the procedure you are likely to look better from all angles.

The rhinoplasty portion of the procedure may also improve the function of your nose. While some patients who undergo this procedure have perfectly functioning noses, others suffer from breathing problems as a result of a deviated septum or other functional issues.

Nose surgery with chin implantation can also help you achieve a facial appearance that better matches the way you feel. This is often the case with patients who have been in an accident that has changed the appearance of their nose and/or chin.

To learn more about all aspects of rhinoplasty with chin implantation, contact a board certified facial plastic surgeon today.