Finesse Rhinoplasty

Finesse rhinoplasty is the name given to nasal reshaping surgery that involves making subtle adjustments to the patient’s nose. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, the surgery does not involve the alteration of underlying nasal structures. Finesse rhinoplasty is a purely cosmetic form of rhinoplasty and is not designed to treat major functional problems, such as a deviated septum.

Patients who undergo finesse rhinoplasty are typically happy with the overall shape of their nose and do not suffer from any major cosmetic or functional defects. Rather, these patients are unhappy with a small aspect of their nose, which can be addressed through a small change or subtle adjustment. Finesse rhinoplasty does not result in a dramatic difference in the overall appearance of the nose, but rather refines the nose to subtly improve overall facial balance.

Changes addressed through finesse rhinoplasty

In finesse rhinoplasty, changes are generally made on a very small scale. Finesse rhinoplasty can be performed to address a wide variety of complaints, including:

  • Nasal tip projection and/or orientation
  • Asymmetrical nostrils
  • Small bony protrusions
  • Subtle bumps on the sides or tip of nose
  • Other cosmetic complaints that can be addressed without reworking underlying structures

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Surgical skillset

Finesse rhinoplasty is a very artistic and precise form of nasal surgery. Surgeons who perform finesse rhinoplasty must have a sharp eye for detail and be able to make very small, subtle changes that maintain facial harmony. While the changes made during finesse rhinoplasty are subtle, they can impact the appearance of the nose and disrupt facial balance if not performed correctly. Surgeons must also know when finesse rhinoplasty will not benefit a patient – for example in cases where a subtle change will not be enough to produce the desired result.

Many surgeons also utilize advanced imaging technology, such as 3D high definition imaging, to perform finesse rhinoplasty. This allows them to make very precise changes and avoid damaging blood vessels and tissue, thereby minimizing recovery time.

Recovery period

Most people seeking finesse rhinoplasty are not looking for a change that will be easily noticed by family, friends and colleagues. As such, the downtime after surgery is often a subject of concern for finesse rhinoplasty candidates. In most cases, the recovery period associated with finesse rhinoplasty is significantly shorter than that of traditional rhinoplasty.

Surgeons who utilize 3D imaging technology are also able to offer their patients a more rapid recovery, as the incidence of swelling and bruising is decreased when using this technology. The recovery period will vary for each patient, based upon the extent of revisions being made and the patient’s unique response to surgery.