Rhinoplasty Combined with Laser for Winkles & Skin Tightening

In most cases rhinoplasty alone is sufficient to produce the results a patient is looking to achieve. However, older patients sometimes have aging-related concerns that rhinoplasty cannot address. In these circumstances, combining laser skin resurfacing with a rhinoplasty procedure may lead to a better overall result.

The Science Behind Aging Skin

As we age, our skin changes. Genetics, time and the environment all combine to impact the skin in ways that alter one’s appearance. Due to changes in the skin surface and the underlying structures beneath it, wrinkles, lines and spots may appear on the brow, cheeks, chin and other areas of the face.

The skin on the nose, too, is susceptible to changes in tone and texture, due to changes in nasal shape that occur as we age. Some of this can be addressed through a nose job or rhinoplasty, which, by changing the underlying structures of the nose, can tighten the nasal skin (in addition to altering the shape of the nose).

However, if a patient has rhinoplasty and the skin is tightened, the new nasal appearance may not “match” the surrounding skin on the cheeks, chin and brow. Mixing rhinoplasty with laser skin resurfacing can make the face appear more balanced and harmonious.

Laser skin resurfacing can eliminate wrinkles in the brow, cheeks and chin surrounding the nasal area, creating a more balanced look. It can also eliminate sunspots, discoloration, laugh lines and acne scars; improve skin texture; and tone and tighten the skin.

rhinoplasty combined with Laser for Winkles and skin tightening before and after female patient photo

The Best Laser Treatments for Wrinkles and Skin Tightening

The best laser treatments provide a noticeable transformation in skin complexion and texture, offer a more rapid recovery time and eliminate the need for more invasive surgery.

The latest breakthrough in laser technology is the fractionated CO2 laser. This laser is an improvement over the old CO2 lasers as it may be used on all skin types without causing the same amount of post-procedure redness.

Another effective laser platform is a device that is called Cortex. The Cortex laser uses a CO2 laser and an Erbium YAG laser in the same console. The CO2 laser penetrates through the skin into the deeper layers and stimulates collagen production, improving the underlying structure of the skin. The YAG laser is used to improve the superficial layers of the skin, improving texture and smoothing wrinkles. The flexibility of the system allows the doctor to treat a variety of skin conditions. Precise control of the Cortex system can provide benefits in a single treatment or address more complex issues in multiple treatments.

Facial laser resurfacing can be performed during an in-office visit using only a topical numbing cream or light sedation. Any pinkness may be covered with makeup, and patients can return to normal activities almost immediately. An ointment will be applied for 10 days following the treatment. Skin peeling will occur a few days after the procedure as the skin naturally rejuvenates itself. Smoother, tauter skin will appear and the firmer, improved appearance will last for up to six months. Patients are advised to avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear sunblock in order to preserve the results.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty with Laser Treatment

One benefit of having laser treatments in conjunction with rhinoplasty is that a patient can recover from both procedures at once. The total recovery time is greatly reduced when compared to recovering from each procedure separately.

Another advantage of undergoing two procedures at once is that the patient will only be put under anesthesia one time. This can save the patient a great deal of money in anesthetist fees and medication costs.

The ultimate goal of any cosmetic procedure is an improvement in one’s appearance and in one’s self-confidence. Rhinoplasty can improve appearance by altering the size, shape or angle of a nose. When the nasal appearance is enhanced, it is important that the other facial features match the modified or new look. Laser treatments on the brow, cheeks and chin can help match the skin tone of the face with that of the new nose. The end result of combining these two procedures is a greatly improved appearance achieved quicker and at less expense than with other methods.